Professional, Custom, Diversified

RCB Royal City Upholstery

Design custom seating & bedding for your vessel.

Restaurant & hospitality design add flair to business.

Reupholstering home furniture and vehicles for superior style & comfort.


Your seating shouldn’t tell stories of your adventures, you should.

Time to reupholster.


We’ve been designing and restoring boat and rv upholstery for over 30 years. We’re the expert.


RCB dates back to 1946, which means we’re keeping up with the classics and the new.


Watercraft are unique in many ways, including dimensions, angles, and of course, style.


We design custom seating and bedding for your vessel that starts with a pattern cut to shape in store, and upholstered to match your unique style.


Our staff have over 20 years experience with marine upholstery and are passionate about each project they work on.


Working on a project yourself? We keep plenty of stock in store – from pre-designed seating and benches to marine grade stainless steel hardware.


For a marine upholstery consultation, call us at 604-595-5075.


Restaurant and hospitality design benefits from a certain sense of style and taste. We specialize in superior quality upholstery to give your business flair and bring customers back.


You bring us a vision for the final product, and with our years of experience in drafting and design, we handle the elements needed to make that vision a reality.


We can repair worn upholstery to match any style, or completely redesign the look of your space.


Looking for something beyond seating? Many of our projects reach beyond standard seating upholstery. We’ve upholstered headboards, suite doors, concierge desks, and locker rooms.


Bring us your unique projects and we’ll design a pattern to fit.


The options available to you in upholstery are borderline endless, leaving you confused and “settling for less” on the design or material.


You might come in with an idea of what you want – but you’ll end up leaving with something far better. That’s because we take the time to consult with you, understand your needs, provide recommendations, and respond to your feedback on those recommendations.


It takes time, but we’ve found it’s the only way to deliver a stellar product every time.


Do you know what you want, but just not sure how to get it there? Call  604-595-5075 for a free upholstery consultation.