Restoring Interior Seating So You Can Cruise In Comfort

Have you been staring at that project car in your garage for too long? You know what’s under the hood, but what about where you sit? We can restore your classic hot rod to original specs — like it just came off the line in 1950.

Need to jumpstart the progress on your hobby car with a solid vision for the upholstery. Bring us your ideas and we’ll work with you to design the seating to fit your style.

  • Restore, repair, reupholster:
  • Classic cars
  • Hobby cars
  • DIY projects
  • Interior repairs
  • Motorcycle seating

Custom Is Our Specialty

All our work is custom to your project. We work with you to achieve the style and design you want for your vehicle. We can repair a split seam, restore seating to original specs, or reupholster your interior.

Not sure what your job needs? Come down to the showroom and check out our samples.