DIY With The Right Hardware

Whether you’re working on a project yourself, or replacing worn out hardware on a complete custom project, we’ve got the stock to help you install it.


Our stock of hardware is made from stainless steel and ready for whatever weather you throw at it. Pieces are built to keep everything together and to last the lifetime of your upholstery. Let us know what you’re looking for.

Pedestals & Seat Hardware

For a strong foundation and custom comfort to suit your vessel’s unique dimensions.

  • 12” to 18” Adjustable
  • 15” to 30” Adjustable
  • 18” to 24” Adjustable
  • 24” to 30” Adjustable
  • 30” Non Adjustable
  • Fixed Pedestals of various heights
  • Foot Rest, adjustable.
  • Fore/Aft Slider, adjustable
  • Arm & back brackets


For the parts that need to move and stow.

  • Flat Hinge (11 inches)
  • Flip Back Hinge
  • Piano Hinge


For battening down the hatches and keeping everything together.

  • Snaps for canvas covers
  • Stainless Screws
  • Stainless Nuts and bolts
  • T-Nuts
  • Hook

Custom Is Our Specialty

All our work is custom to your project. We work with you to achieve the style and design you want for your marine interior.


Not sure what your job needs? Come down to the showroom and check out our samples.